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GeoLocation Analytics Done Right

Products for the Hedge Fund and Private Equity Analyst, Quant, and Real Estate Professional

Foot Traffic

150 million properties plus any custom location on-the-fly.

3,000+ Companies

Turn-key insights including customer traffic and sales forecasts.


CCPA and GDPR compliant. User opt-in data only.


Go beyond Census to accurate and timely individual profiles.


Occupancy ratios for all CMBS properties

Global Data

Worldwide coverage.

Mobility Data

We have spent five years gathering the largest and most accurate data in the market, from hundreds of millions of cellphones. All of our data is privacy compliant and exclusively user opt-in.
1,000 apps
1,000 apps
300 billion monthly data points since 2015
100+ observations per device per day

High-Precision Location Database

Our proprietary, manual geofences precisely map tens of millions of locations - providing unmatched insights into consumer and business trends within seconds.
We have mapped 150 million Points of Interest, 2 million of which have been manually reviewed.

This is enhanced with opening hours and point-in-time store openings and closings.

Investment Grade Analytics

We’ve applied our deep experience on Wall Street and in academic research to develop an intuitive dashboard, where you can access comprehensive, real-time location data and institutional-level analytics with just one click.
We have tested 100+ data normalizations vs. known ground truth and vs. credit card transaction data, and selected the most accurate way to estimate true visitors in each location.

The result is over 95% accuracy of traffic estimates.
COVID-19 data package
- Discretionaries: restaurants, movie theatres, entertainment parks, hotels, casinos, malls
- Travel: airports, airlines, miles driven
- Staples: supermarkets, pharmacies
- Disease impact: hospitals, senior housing, preschools
- Production: factories, warehouses

International data, 1 day lag