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Black Friday visits across Advan Indices

Black Friday In-Store Shopping Lower Than Pre-Pandemic Levels

December 3, 2021

Traffic on Black Friday after Thanksgiving was materially higher across Advan Indices compared with last year’s levels. But visits are still down compared to 2019 records for most of the indices. Clothing and Accessories index saw an increase of 55% yoy but down 15.3% Yo2Y while Furniture and Food...

Advan Retail REIT Index

Mall COVID Recovery Update

October 5, 2021

Following up from our recent blogpost that we measure the recovery of the Malls, we have revisited all these properties to see how the picture looks like if we incorporate the full month of September. In summary nothing has really changed, the full recovery still remains to be seen. The foot...

Advan Retail REIT Index

Mall COVID Recovery, How Misleading Location Data Can Lead To Wrong Decision Making

September 13, 2021

There was a location data report published last month called ‘Malls Rise Once Again’ that caught people’s attention. It claimed that malls have made a ‘full COVID recovery’ and have as many visitors as in 2019. We at Advan live and breathe location data, so our intuitive response was ‘no way, how...

Foot traffic to malls

Mall Visits Accelerate Ahead of Black Friday

November 25, 2020

With a new phase of lockdowns beginning across the US, many shoppers have opted to get a jump on Black Friday over the past week. Foot traffic to malls increased steadily across most states other than Texas where case numbers have climbed significantly, although lockdown measures have not yet been...

Advan China Malls traffic

Traffic Increase at Top Chinese Malls Provides Potential Blueprint for US Openings

May 1, 2020

The biggest mall operator in the US, Simon Group, announced this week that it will open dozens of locations across the US. With Macy's and other retailers following suit in states where restrictions have been relaxed, investors, consumers and retailers will be watching with interest to see how soon...

Advan Simon and Taubman traffic January 2020

Simon is buying Taubman. How to quantify the synergies?

February 11, 2020

Usually the first considerations when a company acquires another is how to realize economies of scale, cross-marketing opportunities, and areas of common improvement. If one knew which shoppers visit each location and quantified the cross-visits between malls then they could make educated decisions...

Advan Black Friday Sector Analysis

Black Friday is Holding Strong, but not everyone benefits equally

December 3, 2019

Department Stores, Restaurants, Malls, all continue growing their traffic on Black Friday on a year over year basis. The growth rate has decelerated a bit, but it's still in the healthy double-digit numbers, from an already high base.

Only Hotels showed negative growth, but less so than in...